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1968Since 1968, Technical Heaters/Thermolab has pioneered the creation of a wide range of electrically heated products that have become indispensable elements in today's world. We manufacture a wide range of heated hoses for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEMS), Mercury Emissions Monitoring (MERC), Stack Sampling, Diesel Emissions Testing, Food Processing, Hot Melt Systems, Water Transfer among many others. We also manufacture flexible heaters, including products performing in the diverse fields of Aerospace, Medical Research, Household Appliances, Computers, Instrumentation and Advanced Industrial Manufacturing.


New lightweight & low amp mobile stack testing heated sample line.

Electrically Heated Rubber Hoses
Fluoropolymer cores electrically and hydraulically complete. Wide Choice of diameters, voltages and temperatures.

212 hose212 Series Fluoropolymer Hose 
For: Gas Analyzer Systems, Hot Melt Systems, Petroleum Products, Chemical Transfer, Food Products, Paint Systems, Hot Oil Lines

500 series500 Series Stainless Steel Hose
For: Gas Analyzer Systems, Hot Melt Systems, Petroleum Products, Chemical Transfer, Food Products, Paint Systems, Hot Oil Lines


600 series600 Series Rubber Hose
For: FDA Food Transfer, Acids Transfer, Chemical Transfer, Petroleum, Freeze Protection, Dust Suppression, Tars and Asphalt

probe support

Probe Support Bundles
in any size, any number of tubes and in any “mix,” plus messenger wires and any other features required.

hot melt hosesHot Melt Hoses
Built to your specifications or off-the- shelf from out unequalled inventories. Our special Hot Melt Division will meet your needs with the promptness and expertise this industry requires.

Digital Temperature Controllers

Thermocouple sensing units feature solid state design and 1/4 DIN size construction. 25 amp, solid state, zero voltage switching SCR output.

700 Series Hazardous Area Hose
212 and 500 series electrically heated hose built with CE/CSA approval for Class I, Division II, Group C& D hazardous locations.  Available upon request.

Thermolab Products

silicone rubber heaterSILICONE RUBBER HEATERS

Simple, rugged and economical, with a variety of insulation choices.



heaters bonded to mating metal partsHEATERS BONDED TO MATING METAL PARTS
for optimum fit and complete sub-assemblies.



flat flexible unitsFLAT FLEXIBLE HEATERS
...easily fabricated to fit virtually any flat configuration


can be closely fitted to the most complex contours.


Kapton Insulated Heaters
Kapton® Insulated Flexible Heaters
are offered in a virtually unlimited range of shapes, sizes and wattage's.


Kapton Flexible Printing Circuits Kapton® Flexible Printing Circuits

FLEXIBLE PRINTED CIRCUITS ... precise, durable, versatile


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With 50 years of experience, we can find a solution to your application. Our new facility gives us bigger and better capabilities to design a heater that meets and exceeds your needs.

We are the leading electrically heated
hose manufacturer in the world.
We have manufactured hoses for many
different industries, including:

• Gas Sampling
• Emissions Testing
• Plastic Injection Molding
• Adhesives
• Waste/Water Transfer
• Pharmaceutical
• Automotive
• Food Processing







We are also a leading manufacturer of electrically heated Kapton and Silicone
heaters including products performing in the diverse fields of:

• Aerospace
• Medical Research
• Household Appliances
• Computers
• Instrumentation
• Advanced Industrial    Manufacturing