Model 600 incorporates various core materials designed to be compatible with the product being conveyed. The most common cores are EPDM, SBR and neoprene. The hose features a built-in electric heating element which is machine-wound to close tolerances to assure the uniform heating so important in the efficient transfer of thick, viscous substances. In most freeze protection applications, thermal insulation is not required, thus eliminating a compressible exterior surface and adding to overall durability. These hoses feature a tough, scuff-resistant jacket. They are available in any length up to 1000 feet with one voltage input, and are supplied hydraulically and electrically complete, ready for use.

Model 600 Hoses are in daily use in a wide variety of applications,

  • Water and waste treatment plants.

    Dust suppression systems for bulk transfer of coal, iron ore, limestone and other commodities being conveyed in cold climates.

    Mild acids and chemical transfer.
    Recreational parks and vehicles.

    Liquid sugar, animal fats, vegetable oil and other food by-products. Please note: FDA approved cores are used in all food handling and potable water applications.

    Chemicals and petroleum products.

    Tars and asphalt.

    Urethane coatings and packaging.


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